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Industry 4.0

Program your Sigmatek
controller from anywhere!

Especially for Sigmatek LASAL users, React! Solutions has developed the Remote Engineer Repeater.

With some simple steps users can connect all CPU’s and HMI devices from Sigmatek to the repeater and connect with them by LASAL or VNC from anywhere.

We provide FREE registration for one device. Any next registration costs only € 49,95 ex VAT.

Repeater Remote Engineer

Get your First PLC / HMI online for Free!

Repeater functions​

The repeater connects users to their PLC or HMI and enables Lasal2 users programming of the controller. All Sigmatek controllers and displays are compatible! No need to upgrade to new firmware versions. Just follow the instruction supplied after registering.

Functionality is based on functions supported by any PLC / HMI ever bought from Sigmatek. The various PLCs or HMIs are registered in the portal. Any online PLC or HMI has it’s own unique code.This code is used in the LASAL software and in VNC to connect to the specific PLC or HMI.

This is in contrast to the normal functionality of the Repeater. Normally the PLC ID is used. Because our code is generated, an extra security layer is created in which it is excluded that someone other than you can connect to your devices.

Safety first!

On all our services we use the latest technologies to secure your data.

2FA Two Factor Authentication

Often user accounts can be compromised due to weak or stolen passwords. Two-factor authentication is an additional authorization check, that improves safety by requiring an additional password generated on your smartphone.


Industry 4.0

Reduce production and operating cost

By analyzing a huge amount of machine data that is provided each second from multiple sensors, you can discover production faults, anticipate events, and react in real time to reduce production and operating cost.

Data can be aquired from any connected device. React! Solutions provides all kind of solutions for putting your data to work.

Predictive maintenance, machine learning, dashboards and Microsoft Azure IOT.

We love a challenge!

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Get your First PLC / HMI online for Free!